Marking the word of God Jesus get designed in the Smartphone apps makes us more privileged with the brand “Oly Bible”. Read different versions of the Bible here.

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Take the verse randomly, be affixed to the wallpaper, and make their day with God's word in the Holy Bible. Here onwards, one doesn't have to learn only through a hard copy in bible format; the simple verses in the form of quotes would help with it. In addition, anyone can read the quotes from scriptures in the holy Bible mobile app, enabling reaching the verse worldwide through smartphones. .


It is all about how a man would overcome his problems by viewing the Bible videos directly from God Jesus's guidance. In other words, it's teaching how a person can go through his growth step-by-step, following the footpath of God Jesus. Grab your phone, download the Holy Bible app from the "Oly" Bible brand and enjoy the sayings of the Bible that would be a thought process in one's life.



Do you want to make your life part of God Jesus and feel his presence always with you? Then, here is a collection of Lord Jesus in images that can be kept as background wallpapers with mobile screens. There is an availability of wallpapers for Christian festivals and events loaded in the application, which can be used or shared with anyone.


It’s just the tiniest part of the search engine within the app that anyone can use to find the matching of a word in the whole bible. The app would highlight the searched word in the result representing the verses. The search process can be divided into three parts; one refers to the overall Bible, the Old Testament, or the New Testament, which may help instant reference a verse.


Daily Verse

In this fast-paced life, each of us cannot go for the prayer, or even if we try to pursue we won’t bring the Holy Bible every day; there comes the saving of day in the form of a mobile app from Oly Bible. Here in the Holy Bible app, one can set a notification alarm for a daily verse at a particular time; every day on that, one gets a notification alert on their smartphone.

Festive Calendar

There would be a standard calendar on the mobile. Still, we created this one with a particular purpose representing the festival and events of Christianity. Besides, marking notes on a particular day is also available with the Festive Calendar in the Holy Bible application.


Community Discussion

100x100 Razz Verma

The Holy Bible app is making my day great, reading at least one verse daily. Features within the app are superb as what a person needs to read the Bible.

100x100 Pirih Ali

Finding the wallpapers of God Jesus became a heckty process until I found this Holy Bible app from Oly Bible; it is easier to download from anyone

100x100 Mausum Gogoi

One of the best mobile applications of the Holy Bible with more standards and stability in all the versions.

100x100 Marielia Thomas

A preferred Bible app over simplicity with the user interface, anyone who wants to read Bible can use this app. I recommend the Oly Bible brand to all

100x100 Bilal Bukhari

Whenever I am free, I would like to go on for a Bible reading, but having Bible everywhere became hard. At the time, I came across this app from Oly Bible, which is great to read on my tablet

100x100 Shane Warne Aus

Like sharing any message on WhatsApp, the verse can be shared as plain text or graphical content to anyone where; this option is exclusive to the users of the Oly Bible brand.

100x100 Preet Bf

It is the best app for reading the verses daily; parishioners can even use the Oly Bible’s app to do Mass in the church. Bookmark, Highlight, Take Notes and much more adds to the list.

100x100 Md. Zakir Hossain

Suppose you want to keep the God Jesus wallpaper on your smartphone background. In that case, you can do it with the Holy Bible app or any version and want different Christian Holy spirited images, then try the wallpaper section in-app.